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      You Are Not Alone

Touch is important in hospice care

My Journey


I'm a Registered Nurse, Certified Case Manager and a Reiki Practitioner.  I've been an RN for 35 years. I practiced in a variety of positions, including Oncology, Hospice and Home Health. 

In my leisure time I enjoy visiting family and friends, relationships are the most important. I love going to the lakes to kayak, the mountains for snowshoeing, the beach to walk along the surf.  Always up for a drive to a


My Values

There's several values that lead my life. Here are a few values that are important in my career as a nurse;

My health, if I'm not healthy I can't help others.  Daily gratitude brings    happiness, a smile brings caring and

connection with others. 

I value honesty, integrity and the desire to never stop learning.


During my years of nursing it was evident that there's so much more support we can give for the dying and family. I would like to show an example of how to comfort and communicate end of life care.  My goal is provide a time with patient and family that they won't feel alone and not knowing what to do with feelings and actions for their loved one.

Mobile Service Only- I travel to you from Vancouver  to Logview Washington.

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